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The Art of Mind Blowing Sex and Blowjobs

Today has progressed well. Incredible food, incredible sex. incredible fun. As an atheist, I like to use the term “Oh God” whenever I’m having mind-blowing sex. The reason for that is because I just can’t believe it, just like how I feel about god. Oral sex is one of my favorites, especially when she pulls your trousers down with a hungry stare in her eyes as she bites her lips in eager anticipation. The feeling of a pair of warm lips wrapped around your cock as she tickles you with her hair because her head is slowly motioning up and down, all the while gazing into your eyes is unlike anything in this world. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about how good it feels. Women love it when a guy moans and shouts and tells her what a good job she’s doing, she will become more confident, resulting in her trying even harder to blow your brains out. As for me, I love to return the favor. I am a cunning linguist who enjoys cunnilingus. Guys who don’t eat out are chumps, in my opinion. I love running my fingers through her hair while kissing her neck as I receive a blowjob, and I love fingering her with three fingers as I eat her out. I love listening to her soft, pleasurable moans and tells me how good my dick tastes, and I love to do the same as I return the favor. A favorite fantasy of mine has always been sticking flowers in a woman’s love tunnel and gently blowing it on her. I am also a fan of big, natural breasts. They are so much fun, you can lick them, suck on them, stick your cock between them, and feel them up until you practically wet yourself. I love a good tease, too. I like to feel them up over her bra and kiss her neck gently while blowing on the base of her neck. You have to be real gentle with women. The art of foreplay is important. Don’t go for the goodies right away, work your way up slowly. Caress her shoulders, kiss her neck, make your way down her arms and stomach, tickling them softly. Play with her tummy a bit, so she can feel her temperature rising while butterflies softly dance a romantic tune in her stomach. Run your fingers down her curves, her sides, her thighs, then work your way back up into her back, massaging her until your fingers get closer and closer to her breasts. Massage them softly, squeeze gently, touch her nipples in a circular motion to turn her on. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear as your hands finally make their way down into her pussy. If you want to lighten the mood, make a joke or two. Nothing turns a woman on even more than a man with a good sense of humor. As she turns around and laughs at your jokes, lay her down gently, never breaking eye contact as the two of you share a gentle, loving, heavenly smile. Move in and kiss her on the lips passionately, women love it when you hold the back of her head with one hand and caress her face lovingly with the other. Kiss her like you were the last two people on earth. gaze into her eyes, and entwine your bodies until you are a single being, and fuck until you’re both sore and experiencing a trip not unlike a beautiful acid trip. Afterwards, the only thing left to do is have a beautiful, intelligent conversation filled with smiles and cuddling. When it is time to continue the day, make sure you smile at her at every given opportunity, and throw in an “I love you” as a surprise here and there.

Rose Petals and Gold Medals

Daisy, I thank you for always being here for me. I thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me. I wish I was an even better boyfriend for your sake because sometimes I feel like I’m not worthy of you. I’m so happy that I might you in this lifetime and that we will continue meeting until the end of time. In every parallel universe or subsequent afterlife, I will always pick you. There is no one else out there for me than you. I wish I could pick every beautiful flower and cover your hair in a chromatic sequence of every color in the universe. I want to ensure your safety forever. If I had to, I would die for you a million times over. When I gaze into each of your eyes, I am reminded of the purity which lies within your soul. As my eyes descend deeper into the neverending tunnel of pink love, the light becomes brighter, friendlier, euphoric, a warm blanket composed of pure bliss. If I could, I would stay in this comforting, magical elysium for eternity.

Dimension of Love

Your soul is entwined like a bed of vines around my very being
Sweeping me off of my feet, dragged down below
To the depths of your divine and esoteric world
I surrender to your embrace, dimension after dimension
Each better than the last, infinite, unconquerable love.
Parallel worlds of light and life, reviving the notion of romance
We’ve done the unthinkable, created an undying unity.

Life: The Untold Story

Enjoy your life! You’re not getting another one. Appreciate the oxygen you breathe, the blood that flows through your veins, the chemicals that run freely through your brain that produce the reality in which you live! I know I do. One day I will cease to exist, followed by decomposition for consumption by lower life forms, and my essence will return to the universe. When that day will arrive, no one knows, nor would I like to know. I am not naive enough to say that if I had the knowledge of my date of death, I would do my best to live my life until then, For example, if anyone knew that day would be tomorrow, they would be freaking out and too fearful of their imminent demise to carry on properly. Long story short, just live, dammit.

No more Mr Vice Guy

Despite what your peers may tell you, there’s more to life than doing drugs, imbibing alcoholic beverages, and having promiscuous sex. Those are worthless endeavors, and as such, shows a lack of self-respect, willpower, and a weakness to destructive pleasures rather than concrete ones. There are a lot of fun ways to use your talent and time productively. Art, music, games, friendship, science, getting an education, improving, creating, inventing, learning, loving, critical thought. These answers are not found within the walls of a church, it is found within oneself. Empower yourself, empower the world. Be a leader, not a follower. Realize your dreams, not someone else’s. Keep your body and mind sound, you only have one, after all. Empower yourself, empower the world!

The Duality of Geniusanity

My inspiration for life has returned due to being (once again) an unmedicated schizoaffective/OCD/bipolar and PTSD patient. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I seem more in tune with the world. I am obsessed with the minute grandeur of the surrounding beauty found in nature. I want to take more risks instead of just lying there. All I get is the occasional auditory hallucinations, but I feel I can block them out effectively. I am inspired to write, to read, all because my thoughts are an infinite quandary of theories and hypotheses, or merely funny jokes. Everyone says it’s bad when your thoughts race a million miles a minute, but half the time I find it to be a fountain of pure logic and rationality, the other half, well, not so much (thoughts that range from dark,nihilistic, cold hearted, distant emptiness). I’m still as affable and intelligent as one could be, but the system insists on institutionalizing me once again during the holidays

lol, c u l8r!

If I could, I would buy the whole world a dictionary so I can understand what 80% of people on the internet are talking about. Here’s one of the funniest misuses of the english language I’ve seen recently! “Gta”! Instead of “gotta/got to”! What the fuck? Whenever I see that, I immediately assume someone’s going to talk about #GrandTheftAuto, resulting in a disappointing conversation because I love talking about video games, especially GTA! Proper spelling, syntax, and grammar are all important. I don’t care if you’re not in school anymore, it’s still just as relevant today as it was when you were in high school. What’s even more pathetic is how most people nowadays have smartphones that usually come with a standard “auto-correct” feature, and they still fail miserably at spelling! Then they call people like me arrogant assholes for trying to spread literacy. The arrogant assholes are the ones who think they can circumvent the rules of the English language just because it’s “easier”, which also makes them LAZY! “Oh, we aren’t in school anymore, that was a long time ago” WAH WAH WAH! You learned how to take a shit when you were a toddler, and most of you don’t get up off of your seat while in the middle of pitching a loaf to paint a shit portrait with it on the wall! Point is, don’t take for granted what you’ve learned, and if you don’t know something. learn. Ignorance and illiteracy is sad, not funny. Teach them, not join them.


Some say I’m too hard on myself. I demand perfection for everything I dedicate myself to. I suppose my over-achieving mentality is what has kept me eons above my peers since I can remember. I learned how to walk and read when I was a mere 4 months of age. Since then, I immediately became aware of what a cruel, cold, uncaring world we lived in. At the same time, I demand equal perfection from those around me, resulting in clashes and alienation from even those whom I have grown close to. Furthermore, my draconian, lofty standards are hard for even myself to keep up with, leading to depression and anger on my behalf. “You must do better”, I constantly hear echoing from the recesses of my mind. However, it’s not all darkness and nihilism. Truth is, I consider myself a pretty optimistic person, and have a pretty healthy outlook on life and humanity in general. If everyone in life pushed themselves beyond their set limitations, we could all achieve more and the world would be filled with intelligent, rational, compassionate, caring individuals. We would all lift the helpless to their feet, and see war and imprisonment as a last resort. We would build schools rather than prisons, shelters rather than institutions, medical facilities instead of army bases. Everyone would be entitled to medicine, shelter, clothing, and food. We would all live in one nation, Planet Earth, and rid it of invisible borders that divide us all. Of course, this may sound like a pipe dream to most people, but to me, it’s the world we should all strive to create. Next time you feel like perfectionists are pessimistic and grumpy, just think of the ends, not the means.

Neophytes and Deus Est Machina

No wonder kids and adults alike are all fat, lazy and pale nowadays. Every other commercial on TV is about video games or smartphones! When I was a child, we had more commercials telling us to stay active/living a drug-free life (even if they were laughable at best and idiotic at worst), but now we can’t wean ourselves off of the virtual tit long enough to engage in more productive, goal-oriented activities. I’m far from a Luddite, but there’s a time and place for everything in life!

King of Light

This king’s strength never dies
From the ground up, his empire will once again rise
Mentally complex to the intellectually inferior
Loyal only to the egotistically superior
His will be done with a swift drop of the gavel
Friends unite to his cause while enemies begin to unravel
Their foolish fantasies of conquest, but in the art of treachery, they only dabble
Since he’s always two thousand steps ahead, trampling pawns into the gravel
His mind sharper than steel, will like iron, physical fortitude enough to destroy mountains
Foes begin to drop left and right simply from the aura emanating from this infallible champion
His weakest attack, deadlier than a scorpion’s sting
His gentlest touch, warmer than sunlight during spring
To spread benevolence and knowledge is his ultimate goal
Like blossoming flowers in the summer, his presence emanates a radiant glow
His weapon be not swords, guns, spears, or bows
His hands do not resort to fisticuffs or the exchange of blows
Through his silver-tongued words, carefully woven and crafted so
He unerringly captures hearts, minds, and souls
The masses turn to him and utter “What a sight he is to behold!”
Our king, so unbelievably brave and bold
Akin to Midas, he transforms even tarnished rocks into bricks of solid gold!
In time, those who still oppose him shall be routed
“Our king fights in the name of happiness and peace!”, his people shouted
Fearlessly, he rides off in response to their pleas
To forgive transgressions and end petty rivalries
In foreign lands across the seven seas
Righting iniquities without forcing villains to their knees
Instead, their corrupt ambitions and callous falsehoods shall cease
Through absolution of their sins, merely by sharing his platitudes of unity and peace!

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