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Vaginal Motivational

It’s hard to have any motivation when you get the tightest pussy known to man every night. Let’s face it, everything after pussy is secondary. Who gives a shit about curing cancer and spreading world peace when there’s a tight, wet, pink pussy waiting at home? She might suck your cock, too. After that, you’re pretty set for life. Money, cars, jewelry, being on the honor roll, working out, none of that shit matters once you have the Almighty Pussy!

Road Warrior

The road to personal success and happiness is not an easy one. I know it sounds cliche at this point, but it does not take away from the impact of the message. It is one filled with many obstacles, and we are taught that some are as mundane as staying away from negative people and behaviors. However, the road is not simply black and white, up and down, east and west, etc. The road has many hidden routes, and the best one may be the one paved in gray on the northeasterly road, where the sky darkens and the air becomes thicker. Despite the ominous presence, your wisdom and worldliness blossom as you use your mind and instinct to navigate your way through the confusing road, make plans to forage or hunt for food and constructing a suitable shelter as nightfall begins to settle. Your physique becomes more defined, akin to that of a Greek god(dess), and your vitality becomes deeper than the ocean floor as you negate threats to your mortality, engaging in sword fights with dire, starving wolves, outmaneuver packs of vicious coyotes, and taking down the leader of a local gang of bloodthirsty outlaws that have taken residence in the area and wish to block your path by wrestling him to the ground, resulting in his followers losing all morale and loyalty for him after your incredible display of physical prowess, subsequently running away from you. Your arms have become shaped like the fallen tree trunks you encountered that had fallen in this godforsaken forest, and were forced to lift them from your path to clear the obstruction, and your legs have the become as tough as granite and as indestructible as the mountain you scaled. You eventually come across runes with mind bending riddles written on their surfaces. They promise answers to your life; concerns regarding your loved ones, the path you are taking in life, and many other stressful issues, if you can solve them. Of course, upon completing this part of your journey, you were met with disappointment. Contrary to the deal, the riddles, questions, and tests detailed upon the runes did not offer any advice or concrete answers to your questions, as many aspects and ideas in life can be tangible, intangible, metaphorical, rhetorical, subjective, or simply have no answer. Despite this, the mental fortitude you displayed by using your mind to the fullest has opened parts of your mind you did not knew you had, giving you a better understanding over the issues, and as such, you no longer fear anything. Your mind has become sharper than steel, your newfound mastery over logic, rhetoric, problem-solving, compassion, and personal strife has granted you a quiet stoicism, laser-like focus, and the humility. Your ego has faded into the universe and become one with it. In conclusion, sometimes a third option is better than the first two. I know that scares a lot of people, because the majority of humans want to control every aspect of their lives. For every answer we find, there are a million more questions; always keep an open mind and an open heart. Sometimes it’s ok to criticize yourself and be criticized; it helps you learn about yourself and allows you to improve in ways you never thought you could. Work on yourself every day, and take the road less traveled. Take the time to look through your Mind’s Eye, because the pair on your face can deceive you.

The O Face

I have severe pain in my arm that requires surgery, excruciatingly painful and bloody stool, and my ankle broke again. I am on strong pain medication now; Hydrocodone 10/325 mg 3x a day. It’s the only thing that takes my pain away. I gotta say, lovin’ the feeling of them mixed in with benzos, trammies, lyrica, prednisone, and medical marijuana. Then I wake up and have to take Adderall before college courses. I’m on enough drugs to overdose 2 people, yet its’ the only escape I have from these horrendous physical and psychological pains. My jobs as strenuous on my body, as well, so I can’t go a day without opiates. I do not abuse my drugs. I am happy that I have such a wonderful doctor who can prescribe any med I want, thus I would never take his trust for granted. Does anyone out there have daily excruciating pain and have to take everything but the kitchen sink for relief?

"Hell’s Bells": A revelation of the workings of Hell

Have you been planning for your future in Hell? As inhabitants of this godforsaken, unholy realm of unspeakable horrors are aware of, the offspring between a human male and a Succubus, or a human woman and an Incubus, results in a half-demon offspring known as a Cambion. I guess since you knocked up a demon (or vice versa), you must now unite in UNholy matrimony! Of course, every half-fiend child needs the most evil education available. These days, human souls are becoming scarce, as more and more humans are being born without souls with the passing of every generation. Thankfully, our greatest private school, located all the way past the hottest lava pit in the Ninth stage of Hell. known as “(name in a guttural demonic language that would make listeners’ bleed out of their ears and become permanently insane and nearby flowers to instantly wither and die if spoken aloud) School For Gifted Hell Spawn”! The ambiance is one of pure agony! The abysmal scent of human flesh burning alive by the dozens as they sink deeper into the nearby lava pits, accompanied by their agonizing, bloodcurdling screams, provides a hellish environment that would impress your finicky little fiend. It’s also where the most successful, merciless, evil demons to ever walk this nightmarish world have graduated from! One of our brightest students, Agreas, has become wealthy for being the most underworld-renowned “FOUL LANGUAGE” teacher. A prodigy among his demonic peers, he’s known every single curse word ever uttered by a human tongue since he was 2 months of age, every rude gesture by 6 months, and every ill-mannered behavior by 8 months! Today, he has schools on every level of Hell. His success has resulted in purchasing of the Eastern Zone of Hell, (a gorgeous, expensive place just a few thousand miles under Hollywood) for a whopping price of 650,000 human souls! His neighbors and best friends, Josef Stalin and Ronald Reagan, have recently piqued Agreas’ interest in politics. As a result, he is now planning a campaign to become the next Dark Emperor of the Fifth Hell. He calls himself the “voice of all demonkind”. He feels that whether you live in the quaintest burning pits of the Fourth Hell, cleaning up human remains at your local human flesh eating restaurants, or the deepest, darkest abyss managing a human torture chamber where you test your latest assortment of skin-flaying, flesh-burning, limb-cutting weapons before feeding their screaming remains to giant, angry, fire-breathing, demonic bats, you should all be treated as equally hopeless, soulless demons! He hopes to be the next Lucifer, or better yet, George W. Bush.

Universally Infinite, Infinitely Universal

I have a thousand faces, and a million names! I am the color red in a world full of black and white. I shun crowds, but welcome individuals. Conflict is my last resort, diplomacy is my first. Even as those around me panic regarding the coming turmoil, I stand in dissonant tranquility. Life is a game, a tragicomedy of sorts. Life is yours to control, as time itself moves at the pace which you desire. There’s no rush. I work 2 jobs and am currently working on my medical/teaching degree, and working on my writing so my loyal customers can continue to have their interests piqued in my work, resulting in more sales. That being said, I do not feel any pressure from anyone. Outside influence is of no concern, as the stars in the sky do not go dim at night because we wish for daylight. The world is in the palm of my hands, and the very universe itself bends to my will. The day will come when my body shall return to the earth, and the atoms which compose my body will return to the distant star from whence I came and become one with existence itself. Eventually, those very atoms will find themselves back to this world, and I will use this new vessel to fulfill my next mission. After several hundred of thousands years pass and life on this planet is no more, I will inhabit the soil for the next 3 billion years. At that point, the sun shall burst and take this entire solar system with it, once again scattering my stardust to different ends of the universe. As they eventually reunite, they shall find themselves in another world, where my mission shall continue until that one is consumed. The cycle of worlds ending, solar systems fading, the subsequent reuniting of my atoms, and fulfilling missions throughout the universe shall continue until the last star in the universe fades and eternal darkness sets in. After that, I shall rest for the next 15 billion years until the next Big Bang occurs, thus beginning the cycle anew. The time abyss never ends. I am infinite, I am immortal. I shall never tire of bestowing wisdom and love to the minds and hearts of those who seek it, and convincing the cynical to discard their notions of hatred, selfishness, and ignorance and join us in harmony. We shall all be reunited as we were when we were mere stardust. There are an infinite number of ways to spread these beautiful philosophies.

The Ace in the hole

It’s a shame that we have to resent each other’s success instead of following by example. Those who strive to succeed and acknowledge their full potential are pillars of hope and beacons filled with light that can expel the darkness which permeates our world. It doesn’t matter how talented, intelligent, athletic, or charismatic one may be, these traits are not fully exploited by those who possess them and allow a bit of it to be lost daily. In short, if you are to get anywhere in life, you have to work your fucking ass off, no matter how tedious or simple you may find your station to be. You have to pay your dues, no matter the size of the white hot supernova which fuels the unlimited power that lies dormant within you. I have made college look easy because the teachers consider me “talented” and “an amazing student”, but I am merely using the positive traits and “talents” I possess to work towards the success that I seek in life. I’ve had to take college course after course, extracurricular activities which require more of my time, and apply for medical and teaching school. I have to meet new teachers for programs that they think I would be interested in because I’m so advanced. In our country, we are given the illusion that we have a voice, but only allowed to say what they want you to say, believe what they want you to believe, accept what they believe is acceptable. The truth is, you make YOUR OWN VOICE! The more intelligent and well-informed you are, the easier it is to convince others to do the right thing, even if they ultimately don’t listen to you. Unfortunately, that is almost always the result, as most people have their minds made up about many issues, regardless of how wrong, outdated, or unbelievable they may feel about a given subject. You just have to get used to it! Don’t ever let that stop you from saying exactly how you truly feel, even if others disagree! I know, it is a blessing and a curse, To add to the pressure, I work 35-45 hours a week just to show that I’m a reliable, loyal, and hard working perfectionist with an excellent work ethic, thereby entitling me to higher positions with the company I work for at the moment. I lead by example, I am passionate about my hobbies, my personal life, my business life, my educational life, etc because I truly love and enjoy these aspects of my life, not because others have told me to. I’ve never been one to succumb to peer pressure because I do not wish to destroy the life I consider so valuable, and is in existence because I have something to prove to the world. Rest assured, you will be asked to do this by many people in life in order to reach the top, but if you find your niche in life by having the willpower to succeed, you too will find out how exciting it is to be loved for how much you can show the world how good you are!

This post sucks!!!!

Getting head, getting your dick sucked. receiving a blowjob, going down, oral sex, whatever you want to call it, it’s fun. I love getting a blowjob. A favorite fantasy of mine is to get my dick sucked in public, in front of ogling bystanders. I want a simultaneous look of disdain, horror, envy, and lust in their eyes as they watch me get my cock sucked. I love getting the rim around my head licked around and around in swirls, in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion, until my knees get weak and I start foaming at the mouth like a heroin addict. I crave the smooth motion of my lover’s mouth as her head bobs up and down, her hair slowly tickling my dick to make it feel like thousands of tiny fingers are massaging the base of my cock. A good blowjob will drive me insane, I will start screaming in pleasure akin to a religious person rolling around, shouting “OH MY FUCKING GOD” (you know, because religious fanatics are socially accepted mental patients). Top it off with kisses on the right spot while my veiny cock throbs and starts reaching climax, and as you do so, stare into my eyes as mine roll to the back of my head. Listen to my pleas and whispers, begging you not to stop. “Please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, FUCK IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!” As she sucks harder, I cum so hard and fast that it feels like my cock is being coated in the softest linen, screaming at the top of my lungs as my semen covers her beautiful hair, face, and huge tits! “Oh god” are the only two words I can mutter as I fall on my back like I’ve been struck with a weapon that causes intense pleasure instead of pain! As I breathe heavily, I fall under a spell not unlike that of hard drug usage. A smile that has to be surgically removed from my face is all that remains of me.

The Art of Mind Blowing Sex and Blowjobs

Today has progressed well. Incredible food, incredible sex. incredible fun. As an atheist, I like to use the term “Oh God” whenever I’m having mind-blowing sex. The reason for that is because I just can’t believe it, just like how I feel about god. Oral sex is one of my favorites, especially when she pulls your trousers down with a hungry stare in her eyes as she bites her lips in eager anticipation. The feeling of a pair of warm lips wrapped around your cock as she tickles you with her hair because her head is slowly motioning up and down, all the while gazing into your eyes is unlike anything in this world. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about how good it feels. Women love it when a guy moans and shouts and tells her what a good job she’s doing, she will become more confident, resulting in her trying even harder to blow your brains out. As for me, I love to return the favor. I am a cunning linguist who enjoys cunnilingus. Guys who don’t eat out are chumps, in my opinion. I love running my fingers through her hair while kissing her neck as I receive a blowjob, and I love fingering her with three fingers as I eat her out. I love listening to her soft, pleasurable moans and tells me how good my dick tastes, and I love to do the same as I return the favor. A favorite fantasy of mine has always been sticking flowers in a woman’s love tunnel and gently blowing it on her. I am also a fan of big, natural breasts. They are so much fun, you can lick them, suck on them, stick your cock between them, and feel them up until you practically wet yourself. I love a good tease, too. I like to feel them up over her bra and kiss her neck gently while blowing on the base of her neck. You have to be real gentle with women. The art of foreplay is important. Don’t go for the goodies right away, work your way up slowly. Caress her shoulders, kiss her neck, make your way down her arms and stomach, tickling them softly. Play with her tummy a bit, so she can feel her temperature rising while butterflies softly dance a romantic tune in her stomach. Run your fingers down her curves, her sides, her thighs, then work your way back up into her back, massaging her until your fingers get closer and closer to her breasts. Massage them softly, squeeze gently, touch her nipples in a circular motion to turn her on. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear as your hands finally make their way down into her pussy. If you want to lighten the mood, make a joke or two. Nothing turns a woman on even more than a man with a good sense of humor. As she turns around and laughs at your jokes, lay her down gently, never breaking eye contact as the two of you share a gentle, loving, heavenly smile. Move in and kiss her on the lips passionately, women love it when you hold the back of her head with one hand and caress her face lovingly with the other. Kiss her like you were the last two people on earth. gaze into her eyes, and entwine your bodies until you are a single being, and fuck until you’re both sore and experiencing a trip not unlike a beautiful acid trip. Afterwards, the only thing left to do is have a beautiful, intelligent conversation filled with smiles and cuddling. When it is time to continue the day, make sure you smile at her at every given opportunity, and throw in an “I love you” as a surprise here and there.

Rose Petals and Gold Medals

Daisy, I thank you for always being here for me. I thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me. I wish I was an even better boyfriend for your sake because sometimes I feel like I’m not worthy of you. I’m so happy that I might you in this lifetime and that we will continue meeting until the end of time. In every parallel universe or subsequent afterlife, I will always pick you. There is no one else out there for me than you. I wish I could pick every beautiful flower and cover your hair in a chromatic sequence of every color in the universe. I want to ensure your safety forever. If I had to, I would die for you a million times over. When I gaze into each of your eyes, I am reminded of the purity which lies within your soul. As my eyes descend deeper into the neverending tunnel of pink love, the light becomes brighter, friendlier, euphoric, a warm blanket composed of pure bliss. If I could, I would stay in this comforting, magical elysium for eternity.

Dimension of Love

Your soul is entwined like a bed of vines around my very being
Sweeping me off of my feet, dragged down below
To the depths of your divine and esoteric world
I surrender to your embrace, dimension after dimension
Each better than the last, infinite, unconquerable love.
Parallel worlds of light and life, reviving the notion of romance
We’ve done the unthinkable, created an undying unity.

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